Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Constituents

"Every day I hear from hundreds of Minnesotans from Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs. The opinions that they share with me encourage, inform, and challenge me as I represent them in Congress.

As a Member of Congress from the 5th Congressional District, this is important to me so that I better know the concerns of the communities I serve. This understanding is reflected in an active conversation between my constituents and me. I, along with my staff, am committed to read and respond to every call, letter, and email we receive. I set aside time to call constituents and listen to their priorities. During session, I enjoy meeting with families and groups that visit the office in Washington, DC. Speaking with them, I am reminded that this is their office. I am honored to serve them. As I spend weeks back in the district during District Work Periods, I am able to spend time with my constituents in their own neighborhoods. Their input is always invaluable as I return to Washington to represent them."
-Keith Ellison (D) 5th MN

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