Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Importance of Constituent Opinion

"I appreciate the shared sense of importance we assign to the individual letters and e-mail that travel from our Missouri home to Washington, DC, where I am charged with representing our district in the best way possible. These messages contain the important thoughts, opinions, questions and concerns of the people who it is my duty to serve (whether they voted for me or not).

Let me explain the significance of the many correspondences I receive daily from Missouri. During the debate over any important article of legislation, my staff and I are deluged with materials on both sides of the issue from special interest organizations and advocacy groups, most of which are headquartered in Washington, DC. It is the letters from home, with real-life examples of how the proposed law would affect them, that provide the best and deepest insight into a bill for me. I think descriptive, personal letters and handwritten testimonials are some of the most valuable resources a representative can use in the decision-making process over a vote."
-Jo Ann Emerson, (R) 8th Dist. Missouri

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