Thursday, July 1, 2010

Congressional Communications

"It's not unusual to see David Berry and Cissy Palomares on Capitol Hill. In past years, they have gathered letters on the importance of constituent opinion. But this year's campaign is different.

NWYC'S Congressional Communications Director, David Berry, is adding another dimension to the Customer Service Task Force program. He and Cissy Palomares, Manager of Congressional Communications, are approaching Capitol Hill with a new objective; that is to gather stories from Congress about how constituent opinion has actually influenced legislation. The results to date have been extremely impressive, and many letters are already on file." -The Banner

-"In my over thirty years in Congress, constituents, through written correspondence, town halls, telephone calls, and meetings have directly affected my voting record and legislative priorities. I believe my vote is your voice in Washington and I work every day to ensure the interests and principles of Alabama voters are reflected in my work on behalf of our great state and nation."
-Senator Richard Shelby (R) Alabama

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