Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Right To Petition Our Government

"There is nothing more important to an elected official than direct communication with the people he or she represents.  This is the basic concept behind a successful representative democracy and enshrined in the First Amendment - the right to petition our government.  National Write Your Congressman is to be commended for their part in keeping this important democratic tradition alive."

The issues presented by National Write Your Congressman are clearly stated, concise, and balanced, allowing the individual to make an informed decision and make their position known to their representative." -Congressman John L. Mica, 7th District, Florida

1 comment:

  1. Many people doubt that there is nothing more important to their elected officials than direct communication and unfortunately many blindly debate this with out any actual experience. Human nature tells us that some in Washington might not have the best motives I'll grant that, in both scenarios though one must agree that the right to petition government is a critical right that must be maintained if we're to maintain freedom. If we don't exercise that right and petition our elected officials we loose it anyway. If you're not satisfied with your government right now then you better petition it!