Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Constituent Letters - An Invaluable Help

"I believe that constituent letters and phone calls are among the best and most important sources of information for me.  However, I must weigh all information that I acquire in Congressional hearings, agency briefings and any additional sources.  I do my best to represent our State, and you can help me do that better.  A well considered letter citing personal experience is often invaluable in helping me decide what is best for our citizens.  Nothing is more effective at bringing home a point." -Senator Max Baucus, Montana


  1. As I was leaving a members office today I ran into Senator Charles Grassley in Ottumwa, IA. I said hello and reminded him where I had met him. He said is NWYC still located in Richardson, Texas? I said,"yes" and he said, "that is a great organization, I really like hearing from your members". "Keep up the good work"! This is a great account of our member of congress knowing who we are and what we do, and appreciating getting constituent opinion on key issues being voted on in congress! We the people, are powerful! Never forget that!

  2. I had the good fortune of going through a stack of stories that originated from many congressional offices. These stories showed exactly how one letter or email created awareness that got the ball rolling on significant legislation. Other examples showed how just a couple thousand letters equaled overwhelming influence that convinced him to change his vote. In other words the power of letters to congress is real. The question is will enough of us participate in this process to make the difference. The evidence is absolutely there. Try it before you make up your mind on whether it makes a difference or not.