Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Constituent Opinion - Write Your Congressman

"Speaking for myself, constituent opinions are a curcial component to my decision-making process as a Member of Congress.  I was elected to represent my constituents and their interests in Washington.  The only way I can do that effectively is if I hear directly from my constituents on what is important to them and why.

I receive these opinions in a variety of ways.  Often times, constituents will place calls, write letters, or send e-mails to my office after reading an article in the newspaper or hearing something about a proposal.  My staff records each of these opinions which I later read.  In addition, many people approach me at events in my district to chat with me about what they are thinking on a particular issue.  Both modes of communication are important.

I thank you and your organization for communicating the importance of constituent opinions.  Please let me know if I can help in this effort in any way." -Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy, 1st District, Rhode Island

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