Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Letter To National Write Your Congressman

"National Write Your Congressman is an organization that has helped my office immensely over the years.  I rely heavily on input from my constituents on the issues before Congress.  The hundreds of calls, faxes, emails, and stop-ins I receive help me understand how people feel about issues ranging from tax relief to the war on terror.  I take these contacts very seriously because this dialogue is an essential part of our democracy.

By providing the tools people need to communicate on a wide range of issues, your organization helps facilitate this process.  The background information you provide to your members is ideal for citizens looking for information that cuts through the rhetroic of politics and the media.  The sample ballots of opinion forms you provide for your members are an easy way to communicate with elected officials and an efficient way for us to respond.

National Write Your Congressman is a vital public service and one that greatly improves the input elected officials receive." -Congressman Joseph R. Pitts, 16th District, Pennsylvania

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