Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"The House of Representatives, as our Framers wrote in the United States Constitution, was to be just that - a House that represents the voices, wishes, and heartfelt concerns of the people we represent each day.  I always am appreciative of the opinions I receive from the people, for without their comments I could not do my job successfully.

As a free nation, we are allowed to believe and speak freely, and as such, we have differing opinions on a plethora of issues.  It is the synthesis and evaluation of all of our differing opinions, or constituent correspondence, which gives me the ability to legislate effectively.  I whole-heartedly support the American people telling their representatives what they believe.

Once again, thank you (National Write Your Congressman) for this opportunity to address the importance of constituent correspondence.  Our goal is to reach a wider number of people, and get the American public more involve with their government.  -Congressman Allen B. West, Florida

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