Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day"

Today, March 27, 2012, the U.S. Senate unanimously declared March 30th "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day".

On March 30, 1973, all U.S. troops withdrew from Vietnam under the terms of the Treaty of Paris.  They returned to a country that was tired of the war and hostile towards the soldiers that had bravely served their country.  It was horribly shameful how these soldiers, who were under the draft system, were shown no honor at all.  There were no crowds at the airports to welcome them home.  They were disrespected and called "warmongers".

Senator Richard Burr said, "I'm pleased that the Senate has agreed to set aside a day to give our Vietnam veterans a warm, long-overdue welcome home.  I strongly encourage communities throughout North Carolina and across the country to observe this day with activities and events that honor these veterans for their service.  It's time they receive the recognition they have earned and deserve.  This day also provides our nation with an important teaching moment.  Never again should our men and women serving in the armed forces receive the same treatment as those returning from Vietnam."

During the course of the Vietnam War 58,193 members of the United States Armed Forces lost their lives, and more than 300,000 were wounded.   Out of the 58,193 soldiers that were killed 51,968 were under the age of 30.  Eight were women.  These were boys and girls who went from the football field to the battle field.

On March 30 please make a special effort to thank all Vietnam Veterans for their brave service to this nation.

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans and thank you for your service from all of us at National Write Your Congressman.

On a personal note, this author still has her MIA (Missing In Action) bracelet from the Vietnam war.  Mine was Major Gregg Hartness whose plane went down on Nov. 26, 1968.  Major Hartness' remains were found and identified on July 2, 2005.  I want to personally thank Major Hartness and his family for their sacrifice.

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